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List of the Most Popular Music Genres in The World

You will have different sense in music. Talking about music, there might be people saying that they love pop, some of them might say that they love rock, or hip hop. However, music has made the unity among people in the world. National anthem is music that shows the character of a nation and as the unity as well. Music will say what you feel, and will say what you want to say, it become the entity. A people will love a genre or more. We provide information about list of the most popular genres in the world.

Genres of Music

genres of musics

genres of musics

There are various popular music genres in the world. Some of them might be pop or rock. As the music freak, it will be quite important for you to know what are many kinds of genres of music that have become the most popular in overall age in this world. Through Michael Jackson, pop have become one of the most popular genre. Rock has become the next one through Guns N’ Roses. This phenomenon shows us that the role of its singer and musical group influences to its popularization.

Pop music

Pop is the one of the most popular music genres in the world with so many fans and listeners. Nowadays, in the early 2010, J-Pop and K-Pop have become one of the trends in pop music besides western pop. Pop can be found in electropop, dance pop, synthpop, etc.

boyfriend kpop5

boyfriend kpop5

Rock music

The population of rock’s fans has become larger and larger in this world. Beside pop, rock is the most popular one all over the world. The fans of rock are spread in every continent. Guns N’ Roses and Green Day are musical group in rock genres. Hard rock, punk rock, and alternative rock are such the kinds of rock music.

guns n roses

guns n roses

Contemporary R&B

In the late of 1980s until the mid of 2000s, contemporary R&B was the popular music. Today, the presence of R&B is not as popular as that age. However, it had its place in its fans’ heart in that moment. Slow jams have been performed by the popular singer, Bruno Mars. Rihanna also mentioned as the most popular singer in R&B besides Mariah Carey.



Hip Hop

The next most popular music genres in this world are hip hop. Hip hop is commonly combined with electropop and they have their own fans. You must known Eminem, one of the most popular artists in hip hop. In the 2010s, alternative hip hop then became a popular hip hop in the world.




The last most popular music genres in country. There are large numbers of county’s fans in this world. Lady antebellum, Zac Brown Band, and Billy Currington are the artists in country. The traditional country also has its own fans.


lady antebellum


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